1990 Volvo 240 GL G129 SUF

Some things just appear to age differently to others. In the case of this particular Volvo, I’m willing to be it’s spent most of its life in a garage.

G129 SUF genuinely doesn’t look a lot different from how it must have done when it was first registered in 1990.

The paintwork is still a radiant red, the chrome detailing still bright. Even the original dealer number plates and stickers seem to have somehow resisted fading.

  • 1990 red Volvo 240 GL G129 SUF front
  • 1990 red Volvo 240 GL G129 SUF side
  • Red 1990 Volvo 240 GL estate G129 SUF
Registration Number:G129 SUF
Model:240 GL
First registered (UK):1st January 1990

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Oli Woodman

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