1998 Volkswagen Polo 1.4 CL R917 XTR

Mundane it may be, but this little Polo is definitely mint.

Most MK3 Volkswagen Polos (or Polo 6Ns as they’re often referred to) are now in a bit of a sorry state, with the earliest examples of these cars are rapidly approaching 30 years old. So when I caught a glimpse of this exceptionally clean example it really stood out.

As a 1998 car, R917 XTR is one of the last 6N Polos before the model was facelifted in 1999 to become the 6N2, which ran through to 2003.

It’s a real timewarp car with gleaming paintwork and exceptional originality right down to the dealer sticker at its rear window and unmarked steel wheels.

An MOT history check reveals the car had covered just 31,638 miles at its last MOT back in May of last year. 

As a popular and affordable first car, these had a reputation for being reliable and well put together if not the most dynamic of drives. They were often driven into the ground though, and many fell victim to the modified scene where rat-look paint, wide wheels and cheap coilover suspension was the norm.

Finding one like this today really cannot be easy, and I suspect it’s a car that will one day command a silly price tag as numerous 30-somethings look to recapture their youthful experiences with these cars.

  • 1998 Volkswagen Polo 1.4 CL R917 XTR
  • 1998 Volkswagen Polo 1.4 CL R917 XTR
Registration Number:R917 XTR
Model:Polo 1.4 CL
First registered (UK):1 June 1998
Oli Woodman

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