1996 Volkswagen Golf P587 HWC

Probably the most forgettable of all Golfs has to be the Mk3.

My mother had one for many years and I spent plenty of my childhood being carted about in it.

Although entirely dependable and obscenely efficient, the straight diesel engine gave me a new found appreciation for anything with a turbocharger. If you know, you know.

In my experience these are also one of those cars where the interiors always smell a certain way. Was it a glue or certain material VW used at the time? I’m not sure, but I’m willing to bet the interior of this P reg one has exactly the same whiff as our old one did all those years ago.

It’s purely subjective, but I think the looks haven’t aged too badly. There’s hardly any of these left now, so seeing this slightly crusty local example always improves my day a little.

Registration Number:P587 HWC
Model:Golf Mk3
First registered (UK):22nd August 1996

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Oli Woodman

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