1990 Volkswagen Golf MK2 GTI G627 JWP

Bits have fallen off, bits have been stuck on. Hell, this Mk2 Golf GTI even has a towbar* (!) but it’s clearly a car that’s still enjoyed.

Solid red cars always fade and G627 JWP is no exception, this Golf truly 50 shades of pink. I’m clearly getting old as I’m of the opinion that it’s nice to see one of these cars that hasn’t been slammed on some silly wheels. Talking wheels, the OE BBS alloys are quite clearly missing their centre caps but they still look so right on this car. Front and rear wind deflectors are a relatively unusual addition.

There’s still loads of these about and that’s definitely testament to the build quality of Volkswagen products from this era. This example has already exceeded 191,000 miles and I bet it’s still impressively reliable and fun to drive.

I briefly had an early one of these before I could afford to insure such a car. Mine was a B reg 8v GTI with Pirelli P-slots. Paid just over £500 for it on eBay and flipped it for £900 about a month later. B450 PLN where are you now? Would love to have another but the scene tax on these is well… obscene.

A machine polish and some trim restorer would really work wonders on this car. Also, who knew the mirrors folded that way.

*A towbar is a cunning way to protect your easily written off modern classic

  • 1990 Volkswagen Golf Mk2 GTI G627 JWP
  • 1990 Volkswagen Golf Mk2 GTI G627 JWP
  • 1990 Volkswagen Golf Mk2 GTI G627 JWP
Registration Number:G627 JWP
Model:Golf Mk2 GTI
First registered (UK):8th May 1990

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