2011 Suzuki Swift Sport BF61 ATZ

The Suzuki Swift Sport was such a fun car to drive and always received rave reviews. I’m always surprised that there aren’t more of these about.

The fizzy 1600 lump was more warm than hot and decidedly old-school compared to any turbo competitors. The 5-speed box was similarly behind the times. You bought these cars for the chassis though, and it’s a real gem. Stiff as fuck straight out the box with decent steering feel and absolutely no bullshit going on.

The interior had to be the worst quality I’ve ever come across. Flattened seat bolsters and loose stitching being the norm at ~30k miles. Here for a good time not a long time was the impression that I got. These also have a really high compression ratio which means they’re supposed to run on V-Power and that’s disappointing for a car that’s so slow.

I lowered mine, painted the wheels, added a Suzuki Sport induction kit from Japan, removed the catalyst and added some horrible LED bulbs to the interior. All of these things probably made the car worse.

This particular car looks very subtle in black. It’s a bit tatty around the edges but remains a low mileage standard car, which will soon be rare.

Right now, you can buy a clean Swift Sport for under £3,000 in the UK, and if that’s not a bargain then I don’t know what is.

Great cars, would love a go in another one.

  • Black Suzuki Swift Sport BF61 ATZ side
  • 2011 Suzuki Swift Sport BF61 ATZ
  • Black 2011 Suzuki Swift Sport BF61 ATZ front
Registration Number:BF61 ATZ
Model:Swift Sport
First registered (UK):16th September 2011

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