1996 Renault Twingo N976 EKP

It always seemed like a strange decision that the original Renault Twingo was never sold in the UK. Perhaps it was complications or cost with making them right hand drive that prohibited the smiley faced city car from reaching these shores?

Regardless of that, the first Twingo was hugely popular car across much of Europe and remains a common sight in left-hand drive European countries. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one in Bristol before, hence the fact this faded green box has ended up on the Candid Cars blog.

Strong designs tend to stick around with little revision and the Twingo is a good example of that. Despite the fact the Twingo Mk1 was sold in certain territories right the way up until 2012, the last of this shape Twingo still looked remarkably similar to the first cars that launched in 1993.

Originally sold with a 55hp 8v 1.2-litre engine from the Renault 5, a more modern 1.15-litre engine with 60 horsepower and multi-point injection was offered soon after. Come the millennium, the Twingo was sold with a 1.2-litre 16v lump from the Clio – I’d imagine it must have been quite lively in such a small car.

The stubby wheelbase Twingo has exceptionally small overhangs, even for a city car. The design is also rife with quirks. The circular/crescent door handles, curious bonnet vents and electronic instrument binnacle placed in the centre of the dashboard, to name just a few.

I thoroughly enjoyed the musings of the good people over at Petrolblog who purchased a rather fetching Mk1 Renault Twingo last year.

N976 EKP is certainly showing its age in places, but this car has now covered somewhere in excess of 168,000km.

  • N976 EKP 1996 Renault Twingo green front
  • N976 EKP Renault Twingo green side
  • N976 EKP Renault Twingo green rear
Registration Number:N976 EKP
First registered (UK):30th December 1996

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