1986 Peugeot 505 Break C452 EHU

It may look a little abandoned, but this left-hand drive Peugeot 505 estate – or 505 Break as they’re officially known – holds a valid MOT certificate and is a familiar sight on the streets of Bristol.

The Peugeot 505 was the last rear-wheel drive Peugeot car, and it’s one that was largely based around its predecessor the 504.

Rugged mechanicals and lots of ground clearance make them a favourite in Africa as well as other areas of the developing world. As a model, the 505 also enjoyed an unusually long production run, with Peugeot making them in Sochaux, France from 1979 all the way through to 1992 (though 505 Breaks weren’t released until 1982).

The 505 was even produced under license after the model was discontinued in France. In fact, you could buy a new Chinese-built Peugeot 505 right up until 1997.

French company Dangel even produced a spectacular raised 4×4 version of the 505 Break which must’ve been a great way to cover roads less travelled.

C452 EHU is a real high mileage hero, with over 345,000km (214,000m) recorded at its last test in summer last year. I think it’s most likely to be powered by a naturally-aspirated version of the 2.5-litre Peugeot/Indenor XD3 diesel engine which would knock out 75hp when new. The tailgate of this car seems to have really suffered in terms of rust, but the rest of the body remains strangely rot free.

  • C452 EHU Peugeot 505 Break GRD 1986 rear
  • C452 EHU Peugeot 505 Break GRD 1986 rear
  • C452 EHU Peugeot 505 Break GRD 1986 rear
  • C452 EHU Peugeot 505 Break GRD 1986
Registration Number:C452 EHU
Model:505 Break GRD
First registered (UK):31st December 1986

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