1990 Nissan Bluebird LX G421 SAP

It was only when I was sifting through old memory cards recently that I remembered spotting this retro ride.

G421 SAP is 1990 Nissan Bluebird that was spotted tucked down an alleyway in central Bristol. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get more than one picture of this car as I attracted the attention of some locals who were definitely up to no good!

Like the Honda Accord I spotted a few weeks back, this Bluebird follows this simple recipe of taking an old boxy Japanese saloon and fitting it with some garish aftermarket alloys.

From what I could see G421 SAP looked to be a remarkably solid and clean looking car. That being said, it no longer has a valid MOT and its last test failure suggests it needs a fait bit of tidying up to get back on the roads.

Let’s hope the owner gets it sorted soon. If I see it around again then I’ll be sure to get some more photos.

Registration Number:G421 SAP
Model:Bluebird LX
First registered (UK):30th January 1990

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Oli Woodman

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