1968 Morris Minor EHF 827F

Hidden just out of the way from a quiet street in North Bristol lives this magnificent Morris Minor. Its owner, Lawrence, was tinkering with the car on his driveway but was kind enough to walk me around the car.

“It’s really given me something to concentrate on during lockdown” he beamed. Lawrence then enjoyed talking me through the work he had done to make this 1968 Minor a better car than when it was new, and all while retaining period correct looks wherever possible.

Under the bonnet, the recently rebuilt A-Series engine fires with greater precision thanks to an upgraded ignition system. A brake servo is now present to boost the power of the somewhat scrawny original drum brakes.

Inside, EHF 827F now features more modern leather seats complete with headrests, though to the untrained eye they could easily pass as factory parts.

Lawrence has a modern car which he uses regularly but he can’t gel with it in the same way he has with the Minor. “I know each and every mechanical component, how it works and which parts are new”.

Lawrence looked ashamed when I noticed evidence of a damage repair at the car’s rear quarter. A reversing incident, apparently, though I’ve got no doubt he’ll soon have it looking as good as the rest of the car.

Amazingly the car still sits on its original shock absorbers, which made it to more than half a century old by the time they were refurbished, “The oil was like water, no viscosity left at all”.

Our lunchtime chat ended with his ambitions of fitting an uprated 1275GT engine and 5-speed gearbox and how his wife wouldn’t approve!

Morris Minors are some of the most loved and best supported classic cars in existence. In the Bristol area we are lucky enough to have the expertise of Charles Ware’s Morris Minor Centre, who has specialised in these cars since the ’70s and will currently sell you everything from the smallest bolts and trim parts right the way up to fully restored cars themselves.

  • 1968 Morris Minor rear 3/4 view EHF 827F
  • 1968 Morris Minor EHF 827 car in green
  • Rear of 1968 Morris Minor car in green, registration number EHF 827F
  • 1968 Morris Minor engine bay
  • 1968 Morris Minor Speedometer
  • 1968 Morris Minor seat
Registration Number:EHF 827F
First registered:27th February 1968

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Oli Woodman

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