1996 Mitsubishi FTO P782 AWY

The Mitsubishi FTO is a very unusual car to spot on the streets of the UK now, particularly in standard form.

Along similar lines to Toyota’s Celica, this sporty little coupe is one of those cars that looks very rear wheel drive but isn’t. Originally destined only for the Japanese market, they were eventually brought into the UK officially after a surge of grey imports.

These were available with either a 1.8-litre, 4 cylinder engine with 123hp or a choice of two 2.0-litre, 24 valve V6 engines – one with 168hp and a more powerful 197 horsepower version which used Mitsibushi’s MIVEC variable valve timing system on its intake and exhaust valves. Buyers could choose a manual transmission or a cleverl tip-tronic automatic that would self-learn the driver’s shifting habits.

Reviews of these cars are surprisingly scarce, but the general consensus of the ones I’ve read seemed to rate these as a competent if not exceptional motors.

I’m guessing that the absence of a MIVEC sticker at the rear quarters of this car indicates this pre-facelift car has the less powerful V6 engine.

P782 AWY has a really nice combination of dark blue paintwork and gold alloy wheels, I’m not sure if this was the way this car left the factory, but I doubt it. It’s a car that wears its miles well, despite its MOT history showing the underside has suffered a bit of the dreaded tin worm.

Carthrottle put together an entertaining video on the FTO a couple of years ago now, it’s well worth a watch.

  • P782 AWY Mitsubishi FTO blue rear
  • P782 AWY Mitsubishi FTO blue side
  • P782 AWY Mitsubishi FTO blue front
Registration Number:P782 AWY
First registered (UK):1 August 1996

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