1995 Mercedes-Benz S 280 M418 JNH

First registered in 1995, this W140 S Class is actually an S280, meaning it’s the entry-level of Mercedes’ flagship car and thus ‘only’ powered by a 190hp straight six.

When you consider that you only have to add a driver of average weight to take this double-glazed, technical exhibitionist of a car beyond the two-tonne mark, then you can see why many of these cars used V8 or V12 engines.

Still, with its debadged look M418 JNH looks every bit as regal as those larger engine cars and no doubt would be just as smooth.

Hewn from a similar granite to the longlasting W201 and W124 cars, they’re a dodgy used car salesman’s dream, with interiors, body panels and mechanicals that shrug wear at intergalactic mileages.

 Autocar wrote a particularly nice homage to the W140 S Class (though one that’s separated into an annoying paginated format) to these cars after Richard Bremnder spotted one rotting away in a scrapyard.

From the concealed aerial mast at the rear wing, to the headlamp wipers and heckblende panel at the boot, it’s so wonderfully of its time.

  • M418 JNH Mercedes S 280 W140 S Class
  • M418 JNH Mercedes S 280 W140 S Class
  • M418 JNH Mercedes S 280 W140 S Class
  • M418 JNH Mercedes S 280 W140 S Class
Registration Number:M418 JNH
Model:S 280 (W140)
First registered (UK):16th March 1995

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