1984 Mercedes-Benz 280SL B632 MWM

I came across another automotive treat today in the form of this 1984 Mercedes 280SL.

I struggle to see how someone can’t be charmed by almost any Mercedes from this era, but these drop top tourers are particularly lovely. Finding one that’s street parked in 2021 is exceptionally rare.

The R107 SL was produced for just shy of two decades having originally been introduced in 1971 and not replaced until the R129 took over in 1989. Of course, the car did undergo a lot of changes in that time but not in terms of its looks.

Being a 280SL, this particular car was one of the last to feature the 2.8-litre straight six before the model was succeeded by the 3.0-litre 300SL.

Although B632 MWM has obvious age-related blemishes, it looks to be in original unrestored condition. It’s a really lovely car.

  • 1984 Mercedes 280SL B632 MWM side profile
  • 1984 Mercedes 280SL B632 MWM front 3/4
  • 1984 Mercedes 280SL B632 MWM rear
  • 1984 Mercedes 280SL B632 MWM front
  • 1984 Mercedes 280SL B632 MWM front 3/4
Registration Number:B632 MWM
Model:280 SL
First registered (UK):1 March 1984

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Oli Woodman

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