1978 Mercedes-Benz 280 SLC DPL 172T

This 1978 Mercedes 280SLC is a local car that I’d actually spotted for sale previously on eBay . (You know you’ve got an issue when you start recognising cars from auction listings!)

I never noticed quite how interesting the styling was on these until I took a closer look at this example. Notice the way the rear arch slices straight through the rear tyre and how the swage line runs uninterrupted from the front to the rear lights. The ‘Mexican Hat’ wheels are glorious too.

The bright blue really sets this one apart from most examples, though to my eyes it doesn’t look like a finish that would have been offered from the factory.

It’s been MOT exempt for a couple of years already, though its last pass showed it to have covered just 28,000 miles. It’s far from mint, but the sort of condition where you’d likely enjoy it whatever the weather without too much guilt.

  • 1978 Mercedes 280 SLC DPL 172T rear
  • 1978 Mercedes 280 SLC DPL 172T side blue
Registration Number:DPL 172T
Model:280 SLC
First registered (UK):31st December 1978

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Oli Woodman

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