1984 Mercedes-Benz 230 B202 WYB

This particular 1984 Mercedes 230 was spotted a short while ago in North Bristol.

I don’t think I’ve seen a car with as many holes in its bodywork that still holds a valid MOT. The longer you look at it the more you notice the parts that are bent, dented or hanging off.

That being said, certain parts of it are strangely clean (chrome, bonnet, wheels) so perhaps it’s something of a rolling restoration. W123s definitely have something the newer cars don’t and it’s nice to see a rough and ready example still roaming the streets.

  • 1984 Mercedes 230E B202WYB
  • 1984 Mercedes 230E B202WYB rear
  • 1984 Mercedes 230E front wing
Registration Number:B202 WYB
First registered (UK):1st August 1984

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Oli Woodman

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