1985 Mercedes-Benz 200 W123 B426 KNV

Older Mercedes such as this have to be some of my favourite cars, so I was delighted to find this stunning W123 parked in Bristol.

As a 1985 example, this is one of the last W123s produced and is known amongst enthusiasts as a series three car.

It’s a 200 saloon, meaning beneath the bonnet is an entry-level 2.0-litre M102 petrol engine which is fed by a single carburettor to produce a claimed 108hp.

The leisurely 14.4 second 0-62mph time of this model doesn’t look too bad when you compare it to the diesel W123s which would often take more than 25 seconds for the same sprint!

It’s hard to believe that the bodywork of this car hasn’t been restored at some point (just compare it to this 1985 230 that I spotted earlier!) though it appears to have been done to a really high standard. I noticed the car’s number plates were from specialist W123 World of Swansea, which could possibly explain the aforementioned.

  • 1985 Mercedes 200 B426 KNV front
  • 1985 Mercedes 200 B426 KNV front
  • 1985 Mercedes 200 B426 KNV rear side
Registration Number:B426 KNV
Model:200 Saloon (W123)
First registered (UK):5th June 1985

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Oli Woodman

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