1959 Land Rover Series II 966 FYB

This Series II 88″ Landy was first registered in 1959! Spotted in Bristol, it’s a long way from the nearest fields or farm land.

Judging by the foliage build up it probably no longer moves regularly, but someone is definitely keeping it together mechanically.

I love the way the patina on the bodywork contrasts with the nearly new tyres. It’s also amusing to think that most people probably wouldn’t easily be able to tell this vehicle from a Defender produced over half a century afterwards.

People often throw around statistics about how many Land Rovers of this era are still on the roads (or off them for that matter). Their devoted following combined with soaring values should keep them in the right hands for a long time yet.

It’s also mad to think it’s likely older than some of the houses on the road opposite.

  • 1959 Land Rover Series II 966 FYB
  • 1959 Land Rover Series II 966 FYB
Registration Number:966 FYB
Make:Land Rover
Model:Series II 88″
First registered (UK):1st November 1959

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