1996 Land Rover Range Rover HSE P919 XGT

Suddenly the P38 shape Range Rover is an unusual sight on UK roads. This early example might appear rough with its saggy suspension and dented corners but it turns out it has good reason for looking that way. 

You see, when I looked up the MOT history of P919 XGT I learned this car has actually covered over 300,000 miles. That easily makes it the highest mileage car I’ve featured on Candid Cars to date and gives me a newfound respect for this boxy old Range. 

Pistonheads featured a P38 Range Rover as part of its popular Shed of the Week series a while ago now. The entertaining article definitely highlights the best and worst of RR ownership by using contradicting quotes of solid reliability and ruinous failures from numerous P38 owners. Then there’s the average fuel economy, which is said to be around 15mpg from the 4.6-litre V8 that’s fitted under the bonnet of this one.

  • P919 XGT 1996 P38 Range Rover HSE side
  • P919 XGT 1996 P38 Range Rover HSE front
  • P919 XGT 1996 P38 Range Rover HSE front
  • P919 XGT 1996 P38 Range Rover HSE rear
Registration Number:P919 XGT
Make:Land Rover
Model:Range Rover 4.6 HSE
First registered (UK):9th September 1996

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Oli Woodman

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