2002 Ford Puma 1.7 YJ02 EWA

The Ford Puma is a quirky three door coupe that’s widely regarded as a great driver’s car, particularly in 1.7 litre form.

A reworked Fiesta Mk4 chassis and striking bodywork combined with a range of 16v engines that were co-developed with Yamaha was an excellent recipe.

Period reports from the likes of What Car and EVO remind you just how good these cat-inspired coupes were, and that’s before you delve into the countless forum threads from enthusiast sites that were devoted to how great a drive a used Ford Puma offers.

Mentioning the Puma’s drive wouldn’t be right without a shoutout to the delightfully mad and exceedingly rare Ford Racing Puma, which some still regard as Ford’s greatest front wheel drive steer.

Pumas are now in short supply thanks to their tendency to rust out. YJ02 EWA is a well presented, low mileage example that somehow goes without the ubiquitous bubbly rear arches these cars are usually seen with.

  • YJ02 EWA Ford Puma 1.7 front
  • YJ02 EWA Ford Puma 1.7 side
  • YJ02 EWA Ford Puma 1.7 rear
Registration Number:YJ02 EWA
Model:Puma 1.7
First registered (UK):21st March 2002

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Oli Woodman

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