1995 Ford Fiesta Si N338 ATW

People certainly don’t swoon after the Fiesta Si in the same way that they do XR2s or RS Turbos, but this charming warm hatch really stands out amongst today’s parked cars.

The rounded bumpers of the Si gave a look that was totally unique to these models. Other visual tweaks over a regular Mk3.5 Fiesta included included funky wheel trims, deep set front fog lamps, spats at the front arches, a rear spoiler and a big bore backbox.

These were an insurance friendly way for youngsters to get into a car that would top 110mph and 10 seconds to 60mph – or at least they were if you chose the 16v version over the 1.4, which instead featured a slightly reworked version of the aged 8v CVH. Suspension revisions meant they should’ve offered a more dynamic drive than less sporting Fiestas too.

Another thing that was distinctive about this model was Ford’s use of heavily bolstered wingback front seats. I didn’t photograph the ones from this example but can confirm they were present and looked particularly clean.

It’s always fun to look back at the write ups of cars such as these and it seems the reception of the little Si was somewhat mixed. Top Gear Magazine seemed not to gel with the car in both of its engine configurations during a period road test, with the tester stating: “both cars left me feeling strangely unfulfilled”.

N338 ATW was first registered in 1995 and featured the more powerful and modern 1.6 Zetec 16v engine. At its last MOT this car had covered just 67,374 miles.

Someone clearly loves this exceptionally original example – notice the old school disk lock steering wheel anti-theft device.

  • N338 ATW 1995 Fiesta Si 1.6 16v front
  • N338 ATW 1995 Fiesta Si 1.6 16v rear
  • N338 ATW 1995 Fiesta Si 1.6 16v
Registration Number:N338 ATW
Model:Fiesta Si 1.6 16v
First registered (UK):2nd August 1995

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