1962 Ford Consul Capri 338 LJH

Ford’s Consul Capri may not look familiar to you at all. I have to admit to knowing almost nothing about these elusive cars prior to researching this one.

Essentially a two-door coupe version of Ford’s Classic saloon, the Consul Capri only enjoyed limited success during a particularly short production run.

First announced in 1961, its styling is still very 1950s and heavily influenced by Ford’s American cars of the time. In fact, the large finned wings, prominent chrome and pillarless coupe lines all add up to what very much looks to be a shrunken piece of Americana.

338 LJH is very nearly a 60 year old car, and it’s one that has exquisite patina. The chrome bumpers, hub caps and trim contrast entirely with what appears to be original flat red paint.

I believe this car was originally fitted with a 1,498cc OHV engine, which was known to be a huge improvement over the 1,340cc lump these cars debuted with.

The last MOT this car covered recorded an odometer reading of 55,884 miles, but there’s every chance it’s been around the clock several times by now.

It’s a properly unusual little classic that makes Bristol that little bit more interesting.

  • 338 LJK Ford Consul Capri 1962 front
  • 338 LJK Ford Consul Capri 1962 rear
  • 338 LJK Ford Consul Capri 1962 side
  • 338 LJK Ford Consul Capri 1962 side
Registration Number:338 LJH
Model:Consul Capri
First registered (UK):15 May 1962

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