1988 Fiat X1/9 F786 EKN

I’ve got a lot of respect for people who keep quirky cars like this Fiat X1/9 in regular use. If this owner isn’t handy with a welder then he/she likely knows someone who is.

Think I’ve only ever seen a handful of these in my lifetime. This example, shot in North Bristol, was first registered in 1988 and is rough and no doubt pretty rotten in places. Still, its wedge-like form and pop-up lights tick some important boxes.

The masochist’s MR2? I reckon so

  • F786 EKN Fiat X1/9 red
  • F786 EKN Fiat X1/9 red
  • 1988 Fiat X1/9 F786 EKN
  • 1988 Fiat X1/9 in red F786 EKN side
Registration Number:F786 EKN
First registered (UK):15 November 1988

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Oli Woodman

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