1973 Citroen DS 23 Pallas PKE 306L

Having previously spotted PKE 306L driving close to where I live in Bristol, I’d hoped to one day see this car parked up somewhere in the city. That day turned out to be today, and I’m very pleased to present this lovely car.

The DS was a revolutionary car in almost every sense when it was first released in 1955. In fact, if one car should be credited with making more technological advancements than any other then it would likely be this one.

The teardrop-shaped bodywork which tapers back via slick wheel spats amounted to an aerodynamic drag coefficient of 0.36Cd – the same as the Ferrari Testarossa produced more than 30 years afterwards.

The front-wheel-drive DS hydraulics were used not only for this car’s legendary ‘magic carpet’ hydropneumatic suspension but also for power steering and a semi-automatic gearbox.

A crumple zone was integrated into its innovative monocoque frame and a fibreglass roof was even used to improve the car’s weight distribution. This was also the first mass-produced car to use disc brakes. In later years, the DS was given another safety innovation in the form of directional headlights that would turn with the car’s steering.

The DS really is an amazing car to study, and should you want to do so then this French article is a great place to start.

Being a 1973 model, PKE 306L is a late example of the final iteration of the DS. This car presents particularly well in white and its MOT history shows the car is properly used with as much as 10,000 miles between tests in more recent years.

  • PKE 306L 1973 Citroen DS 23 Pallas
  • PKE 306L 1973 Citroen DS 23 Pallas rear 3/4
  • PKE 306L 1973 Citroen DS 23 Pallas front
  • PKE 306L 1973 Citroen DS 23 Pallas front
  • PKE 306L 1973 Citroen DS 23 Pallas rear
Registration Number:PKE 306L
Model:DS 23 Pallas
First registered (UK):31st December 1973
Oli Woodman

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