1984 Citroen CX 25 TRI Safari B364 VYR

When it comes to interesting estate cars the Citroen CX Safari could well be at the top of the list. As luck would have it, It’s also the second obscure French estate car I’ve spotted this week following on from this ratty Peugeot 505 Break.

These unusual vehicles were technically advanced, uniquely styled and astonishingly practical. They’re incredibly hard to come by today and so this Bristol-based example is a very well-known car.

As the squat rear stance of B364 VYR hints, the CX used a version of Citroen’s hydro-pneumatic suspension. Start the engine and the hydraulic system will pressurise, raising the back end of the car.

Famed for its smooth ride quality, Citroen’s suspension system was also self-levelling and provided consistent performance whether the car was laden or unladen, making it particularly ideal for an estate car.

If you’re curious about the Citroen CX’s hydraulic based party tricks then here’s a fun video showing a few of them off.

The interiors of these cars defied convention just as much as the exterior thanks to the intriguing “spaceship” dashboard design which combined a single-spoke steering wheel with a rotating drum-style speedometer and used buttons rather than stalks for its lights/wipers and horn.

It’s great to see B364 VYR is an example that’s put to regular use, having covered around 5,000 miles between 2019 and 2020.

  • B364 VYR Citroen CX 25 Safari
  • B364 VYR 1984 Citroen CX 25 TRI Safari
  • B364 VYR Citroen CX 25 TRI Safari
Registration Number:B364 VYR
Model:CX 25 TRI Safari
First registered (UK):22 November 1984

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