Oli Woodman

Welcome to Candid Cars

Since a very early age I’ve spent a lot of my time admiring and appreciating cars of all kinds.

Recently I started documenting interesting and obscure cars that are local to the Bristol area where I’m based. I don’t particularly like the phrase car spotting, but I suppose it fits.

Originally, I was just using my personal Instagram account to post short features on locals cars. It was great to see people getting involved with the comments and generally provoking discussion on everything from mundane cars right through to rare classics.

I’ve started the Candid Cars blog as a continuation of that idea. Expect short features, pretty pictures and some light-hearted opinion.

Oli Woodman

About me

I’m a 29-year-old journalist in the world of cycling. Currently the SEO & Communities Editor at BikeRadar.com, I have contributed to many leading publications in the automotive and cycling fields including: BikeRadar, CyclingNews, Red Bull and DriveTribe.